Pets are very welcome at The Manor but all responsibility for them remains with the owner, and guests accept legal and financial accountability for any damage caused by their animals. 


NO PETS allowed in The Cubby - this is for human children only.


  • Three large size kennels are available as required and are in the well named Taj-Mah-Dog, a purpose built dog run. 
  • A facility is available at The Manor to close off the rear yard with gates, a timber sleeper has been dug in underneath to prevent any tunnel escape plans. We have our own three members of the quality control team who have tested such concepts.
  • Please bring your pets own bedding and bowls. 
  • Pets are allowed inside the cottage as long as they are well behaved, house-trained and have their own beds/bedding. 
  • Tinonee Cottages has two guest tags which can be borrowed by canine guests whilst they stay. This is for identification in case of escape; if micro-chipped authorities will be trying to contact the home details, these provide holiday contact details. They must be left at The Manor on departure.
  • A pooper scooper is provided. All waste must be placed in the wheelie garbage bins provided, preferably bagged. Dogs must be cleaned up after otherwise a canine cleaning fee of $20 is charged. 
  • It is strongly recommended that some form of tick protection be used on animals brought into the area. 
  • All pet provisions must supplied by you. Taree has a Pet Barn, plus the larger grocery stores of IGA, Woolworths, Coles and Aldi. There are also many veterinary clinics in the area if required.
  • Cats welcome too, same rules apply as above for canine guests.




Secure double backyard


Taj-Mah-Dog run


Enjoying the backyard


TC Quality Control Team