Why us? Why choose Tinonee Cottages over other options? Well, keep in mind this will be a slightly biased opinion but I would sum it up thus:

  • Location – beautiful views, central to discover much of the Manning Valley yet still providing a quiet place to relax.
  • Amenities – everything we can think of. The lists on each individual page will show you just how much detail we have gone to. Even dog tags for visiting pooches to use during their stay.
  • Privacy – fully self-contained, peaceful enclosed gardens at rear, no other guests to be polite to, or share with. 
  • History – these two cottages are a destination all of their own. Stunningly restored with an eye to detail, stay in a part of the past and step back in time for a while.
  • Time – Tinonee Cottages are three and a half hours north of Sydney, three hours south of Coffs Harbour. In busy times they are the perfect destination, far enough to get away, but not so far as to be travelling for an unbearable length. And a lot of us know how wearing the refrain of “are we there yet?” from the back seat can be.


In other words, two very unique cottages situated side by side in the village. The Manor offers families, groups or those with pets a relaxed, self-contained getaway; The Cottage with its style and beauty for couples or singles, an escape. Both combine to provide a wonderful place for people at different points in their lives to connect. The Manor for the big family and The Cottage for the grandparents; the one family with kids and the dogs in The Manor, and the childless or children grown and gone friends they want to catch up with in The Cottage. The perfect way to touch base, have fun and yet not be in each other’s pockets. A holiday.